Thursday, October 15, 2009


Hello People!

I am doing a little clean up here... do we continue with this group, or shut it down?
I have NEVER seen a moleskine for this group, except mine that I sent to Martin last September. At this point, I would be happy to have my moleskine back (where ever it is) and call it a day.
Anyone can tell me where mine is?
I hope you are all well and hope to hear from some of you.


Diana said...


Nothing has happened here either since we last decided to continue this group. Which is really sad!

From what I read here, Benedikt's and my moly should be with Yvonne right now and I would like to have mine back, too because I don't see this going anywhere anymore.

benconservato said...

Glad to hear I'm not the only one a little disappointed. If we could have more feedback, or could moleskines please be returned to their owners, that perhaps would be best. Anyone else about?

pearpicker said...

hey you.
i've also never received a moly
and there are some people in this group who've never written or done anything. i also don't see a sense in continuing, because even if we would finish our molys (which i don't believe) it would last years.
it's a pity, but i think we should end it and all get our molys back...

himnôfeda! said...

Hello all,

Well, as pearpicker said, some people have never done anything... and I'm one of them.
Really sorry about this. I know it's no excuse, but it has been a really complicated time for me.

Besides this, I've neither received a moleskine except for Emma's one, which I still have and will send it back right away to her.
I'm wondering where are the other ones!

It's very sad that the group didn't worked out.

Charlotte Peys said...

It's such a pitty that things didn't work out as hoped, but I too think it's for the best that we just shut this group down.

I currently don't have any moleskines. The ones (three) I had were all sended to Yvonne, but I don't know whether she sended them further on or not.

Let's hope everyone gets his moly back.

yvonne said...

hello, i've send alot of emails asking about the adresses, which i don't have anymore and even posted in the shoutbox some time ago, but no one responds.... i would like to continue this, but i need to know where and who to send it too, and if you want your moleskine back i will send it. but then i'll need an adress. :S

pearpicker said...

yvonne, do you have my moly, too?

my address is:

benedikt rohlmann
rudolf-von-langen-str. 28
48147 muenster

Charlotte Peys said...

I sended an e-mail to yvonne but i didn't got an answer yet.

benconservato said...

She'll appear. I have mine back, so I am pleased about that. Anyone rlse has theirs back?

Charlotte said...

i still didn't receive anything...