Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I'm really sorry for the huge delay, but here are my two entries in the book of Diana and the book of Benedikt.

I'm going to the post office this afternoon and will send the books off to Yvonne.


benconservato said...

Gorgeous Charlotte! It was worth the wait... I am going to get 3 all at once it seems.

benconservato said...

I am trying to get hold of Yvonne... Yvonne did you send your book to me yet?

Charlotte Peys said...

We really need to update the address file. I think I send the two moleskines to the wrong address. I contact Yvonne to see if she can trace them. Hopefully this will work out.

Charlotte Peys said...

Yvonne contacted me. She received the two moleskines I send her. She said she will send her book and mine to Austrila this week. And the other two will follow once she's back from Rome.

pearpicker said...

i'll be back in germany tomorrow, so anybody who sends me a moly, please send it to my german address again.
looking forward to get the first moly to continue :)